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week 4 disaster

Due to start week 4 today, I'd already done 2 extra runs from week 3 but was still feeling worried. What a disaster I couldn't even complete the first 3 min run! I was dizzy and faint after only 2 minutes - thats never happened before. Immediately went back to week 3 and failed every run. Whats going on?

Back to week three for another runs I think fingers crossed I recover

Feeling Down :(

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What a pity to feel so down. It's hard to tell what causes dizzy and faint feelings if you haven't changed anything (eating, rest, time of day, route?) Practise your breathing while you rest so you can get plenty of oxygen during your run. Can you change your route to a flatter course and slow down a bit? Just try and keep going during the run minutes even if it's only just a little faster than your walk. Good luck and chin up. You'll get there :)


Are you going down with something? I would take my temperature, drink lots fluids and not worry about it. I went out last week and it was just pants. Felt like I was in the wrong body. I gave up after three minutes and just walked the dogs. Today went out did week 5 run 3 without too much trouble - although slow. Good luck!


If you felt that unwell, there must have been something else wrong, not just a case of week 4 being too much. Have a good rest and try again, I'm sure you'll be fine - you could always do another week 3 run to get your confidence back up!


SIS!!! Take it easy, listen to your body :) It is telling you it's not feeling like it at the moment! I had a bad week ( week 5 maybe)? Hated it and had to keep stopping. Just don't overdo it, you're no spring chicken you know!!! ;)


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