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By the way yesterday I ran the 10k L'Equipe in Frejus

By the way yesterday I ran the 10k L'Equipe in Frejus

I am proud to announce that yesterday I ran my first ever road race, the 10k L'Equipe in Frejus, France:)

The reason I started with a 10k race is quite simple.................. believe or not I couldn't find a 5k race in our region!! Still, I had already run 10k once in training so I knew I could make the distance and really felt quietly confident. There was however two problems, the heat and the fact that it was an evening run! Firstly I only starting running this February (qualified the couch to 5k in April) so I hadn't really trained during the intense summer heat of the French Riviera and secondly I have always run early in the morning on a empty stomach and after a good nights sleep. To cope with this I decided yesterday to have a late lunch around two and stick to chicken and pasta and then eat some fruit about one hour before the race. I also drank plenty of water during the whole day to fight off the dehydration.

Just before the 8 o'clock start I felt great, perhaps a little nervous but still quite confident, Michele my wife was there and helped by being really encouraging. Don't tell anyone but she might be running the same race with me next year. It was however bloody hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in fact according to the weather report it was 34degrees which was really quite worrying.

Before I knew it we were off and I literally had to hold back and not get carried away with the rush and excitement of the pack. I knew if I started out too fast I wouldn't last the pace and would never finish.

Well I made it to the end but it has to be said 'it was one of the toughest things I have ever done'.

Within minutes I received congratulations by email and text messages from my kids and sister which was brilliant, it gave me a real lift and it also made me realise that actually I won 10k L'Equipe race...........because the only person I had been competing against had been me!

Time: 57:06

Calories burned: 1100

Weight loss after a meal and a litre of water: 1.5kilos!!


Do it again: Definitely

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Fab blog! Very inspiring....maybe one day I'll do a 10K (am having a block at 5k at the mo) and that will be down to you, Teresa and other guys on this forum that show what is possible!!!


Wow, well done! Good for you. I graduated a couple of weeks ago and am still struggling to get my time down for the 5k. I'm still running slowly but I'm moving which is a lot better than not moving!


Well done! To run in such heat is a miracle to me; what a fab time too. Running at the opposite end of the day to which you are used to was also a handicap, but still you went out and stomped all over it - great stuff mwgolfacademy!



Chapeau as they say! That took guts to hold on in that heat. Inspirational for me - thanks.


What an awesome time in such incredible heat! I was so relieved that it was raining here and cold. Great picture too :)

Well done!


Well done, great achievement. Your blog is the 1st read since just completing W5R2 and still have a tomato head due to what I consider a very warm evening of 23 degrees. I am in awe!


Thanks guys, your encouragements are much appreciated.The race was truly an incredible experience. I would encourage everyone to have ago at a road race whatever there level or speed. Its all about challenging your inner self and its often your inner self who turns out to be your toughest competitor!

Quick update:My legs are still sore and strangely I feel incredibly hungry!

Still, I'm looking forward to my early morning run tomorrow though:)


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