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What to do next?! Life after graduating

Been doing the c25k and have now graduated. Whoop! Never thought I would get here! Did my first 5k race last Sunday with the race for life and it was an amazing experience, completed in 33 minutes but it was hard going, ground very boggy underfoot in some places and it was only because I was trying to keep up with my sons Supernan that I managed the whole thing without stopping to walk!

I tried running a few days later and I just couldn't do it - my legs were screaming in protest and I ended up doing a funny hop, skip, limp, shuffle, jog so decided it was best not to cause any more damage and took the rest of the week off as well.

Now I'm wondering what do I do next? I had downloaded a 10k training program on my phone as I really want to give myself another goal otherwise I am likely to give up....however I was really struggling to run the 5k in the last couple of weeks after having a week off being ill - now I'm a bit scared it will be the same after having this week off but I'm itching to get back out there!

Any advice - should I back track a bit or start the 10k plan but very slowly? I have come this far and want to continue but feel a bit lost without a proper plan and support

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Well done on graduating and that is a really quick time for a boggy parkrun so it is hardly surprising you felt so tired days after!

A few weeks after I graduated signed up for a local 10k charity race to keep my focus going. I wasnt in the end able to run it due to a chest infection (glad I didnt do any extra fundraising or I would have felt a fraud!), but it did the job of keeping me focussed and motivated to keep running.

You will be fine after a week off. I was the same after doing a 5k race, then I read an article in runners world that advised to take a break from running after a race, and to just do some walking or swimming for a few days.


It sounds like your 5K was a major success. If you want to try 10K, by all means go for it. It is normal to be tired after a really hard effort. And normal to be a little uncertain with a new big goal. But were you a little uncertain about a 5K race when you began week 1? Of course. So trust yourself - you can do it!


thank you both! Im itching to get out there today as I have really missed the whole thing of getting ready and getting out and just the freedom of it.

There is a local 10k near to me next month but its very hilly and I havent got enough time to train for that so will have to look for another one and sweet talk my other half into taking me lol!

Thanks for the reassurance on having a week off - have felt really rubbish all week to not get out for a run but my legs just weren't having it at all!

Alaiyo - how true you are - never thought I would get to the stage where I could run - let alone 3 miles over wet ground without stopping!


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