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Week 6 Run 3

How could i have forgotten to write this post heh. another run completed, such a great feeling to know I can do this.

The run went well, breathing was good this time. My calves hurt at first and that died down to a dull ache, every now and then they would remind me they were there but I was able to keep going.

Anyone else had lower back pain when running? my posture seemed to be hunched over more and my back started hurting so hae straighten up over the last few weeks though I do get some lower back pain.

Find it amazing I am starting week 7 this week. Thanks to all of you for your support and advice, not sure I would have had the confidence to get this far without your help.,

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You are doing brilliantly!

Lower back pain is surprisingly common with running. A couple of things to try:

1) Think "run tall" and focus your eyes 30 yards ahead or so, to keep your head up and not looking at your feet.

2) Back strengthening: your lower back is needed to keep your hips in place while you run, so you actually use those muscles quite a bit. "Hyperextentions" on the floor, on a large exercise ball, or a special gym equipment thing all help bolster those muscles. To do it, lay on your stomach (if you have a ball, it is easier than the floor - feet on floor stomach on ball, head past ball). Then raise your head and chest using only your back (not your arms). Lower and repeat. You can also do them by keeping your chest down and raising your legs - a slightly harder version.

3) Stretching: your back could be sore because those muscles are tight, but also because your hips or pelvis are tight and your back has to compensate. Try doing several relevant stretches: "cat" stretch, downward dog, piriformis stretch, triangle stretch and warrior poses, and maybe some twists. All but the piriformis are yoga poses, that one is a physiotherapy thing. It is probably easiest to google them rather than me describing each.

Hope it helps!


Thanks, trying to do number one as I thought that may help, the second seems a good idea, will look into that.


hi ,well done i have r3 on tuesday as just done wk6r2.kept up with the 10 minute run and didnt stop such a good feeling to get to the end without stopping. ;)


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