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Week 6 Run 3, its official I'm a RUNNER

Wow it sounds so good. I took an extra days rest before completing this run and at 6.30 this morning I was champing at the bit. I was already smiling in the warm up walk in the anticipation of running 25 mins non stop. At the end of the run my celebration was lots of clapping ( like a seal) and shouting I'm a runner. Some hours on I am still blowing my own trumpet. TOOT TOOT. its such a great feeling from those first week 1 runs where running for a minute was difficult. Slowly changing from a snail to a tortoise. What a transformation. The journey continues .......

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Right on! Congrats on your fantastic run. You deserve to call yourself a runner, yes you do. :)


Thanks Alaiyo, still smiling today.


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