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W2R2 sore calves and pins and needles

Hi, just done w2r2 outside. Did r1 on Wednesday on treadmill without difficulty. Tonight my calves ached throughout and from my 2nd last run I had pins and needles in both feet. I wear sports socks and make sure I don't tie laces too tight. Is this normal? The podcast doesn't mention stretches, would these ease my calves? Cheers

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I haven't had pins and needles so cant help you there but I have become a bit of an expert on sore calves! I stretch out my calves after my run. I also have a post run shower and turn the shower head on cold and blast my calves for 20 seconds at a time, for a few blasts. I also have an icepack which I put underneath my leg and put my foot up. If necessary do this a couple of times a day. I take a couple of ibrprofen after my run and take on lots and lots of water throughout the day. My calves hurt badly for about 3 weeks and since I concentrated on the above, I haven't had a problem.

Hope this helps :)


Hi Holly0, thanks for the tips. Will see how the calves are on my next run tomorrow and if still an issue will try some of your tips. Cheers


I stretch before and after, I googled stretching exercises, somebody also gave me this excellent link. I found it really useful. I have/had pins and needles badly in one leg, really makes it hard to run. I have changed my shoes and I am really hoping for tomorrows run I have no problems...are your running shoes 100% comfortable?

I am on Wk2 and My next run will be run 2.

Good Luck. :)


Hi Inthesky, many thanks for the link, the diagrams are handy. Will use them next run. I think the shoes are fine but perhaps the socks are too thick. Will try thinner pair and see how I get on. Cheers


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