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Week 9 Run 2 - and a dilemma!

Some runs are better than others. Week 9 Run 1 was a struggle but I think I've come to the conclusion I'm a morning runner. Today's run was so much better. Ended up doing 35 mins using the "just to the bridge....just to the other side of the bridge..." technique at the end.

Now for my dilemma....I am going on residential with school next week so will not have the opportunity to go out. And I only have 1 more run to go! I am tempted to go out tomorrow, just so I can graduate before I go. Or do I wait until next weekend and graduate next Saturday or Sunday? Hmmm decisions, decisions.

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Hmm..if you can overcome the mental block about running in the evening, try running tomorrow evening / night. That way, you get a day and a half of rest before the next run. I've done this in order to "catch up" for a lost day - and it turned out ok.

Good luck for your grad run!


Thanks couch potato - I really want to graduate this weekend! Sounds like a good plan.


Think I would do that too rather than leave it I am sure a day and a half rest is ok at this stage.


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