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W9R3. I did it wooooop woooooop!!!!

Can't believe it's come around so quickly, today was W9R3 and I did it!! Bit of a head wind going out and not run 5k as pace is quite slow, but that is something I can try and build on now!!! Thank you C25K I couldn't have done it without the podcasts and all the tips and encouragement from the community blogs!!

I am now a runner - WOW, not something I thought I would ever say!!

I absolutely love it as well, can't believe I waited until 44 to start!!

Looking forward to the podcast for 10k!

Woohoo, might take me a while to come down!!


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Enjoy, you've well and truly earn't that feeling.


Thank you, it feels great :-)


Well done you have done really well and should be very proud of yourself.


Thank you, :-)


Congratulations, you must be thrilled. I hope you celebrate in style!


Thanks so much, I certainly will!! :-)


Congratulations :) Bet you'll be smiling all day :) :)


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