Week 6 Run 3 - Apparently I'm a runner now!

Week 6 Run 3 - Apparently I'm a runner now!

Despite having run for 20mins on Sunday I wasn't over-confident about this morning's 25min run. Our little boy had woken up crying at 01:15 which meant getting him out of bed for a cuddle, settling him, and returning him to his bed. He woke up again at 05:30 (pretty normal for him) and I wasn't really ready to start the day. Not sure what time I got out, but it must have been shortly after 6:30. I set off at my steady pace and got to about the same place as the previous run by the time I'd run for 5 minutes. I wondered if Laura was going to tell me when I'd done 10 minutes and realised that she wasn't when I had run past the point at which my 10 minute run on Thursday finished. At the half-way point I turned round. It was psychologically good to know that I was running back and had less to run than I had already done. The next 7.5 minutes seemed to take an age, but I got to the "5 minutes to go" point about where I thought I should. I was really pleased when Laura told me that there was only 1 minute to go and, despite feeling pretty fatigued, I decided to up the pace a bit which I mainly did by lengthening my stride. Boy was I glad when Laura told me I could slow down to walk again. I felt a little bit sick. But I did it! I DID IT! And so now I'm officially a runner. Laura said so! I can go home with my head held high.

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  • Congratulations, its a lovely end to week 6 to hear you are a runner

  • I remember that feeling too I rewound podcast so I could listen to it twice,(sad).

    But well done thats fantastic.

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