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Last minute pain - next run gain

Been trying to really push myself in the last minute, I have found this really helpful as it makes the transition to the next step easier. I have been doing this from week 6 and it really makes the difference.

Have completed the 5k (took me 12 weeks to get there) and now on route to 10k. Running 7 at the moment and 2stone lighter!!

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Well done you for loosing 2 stone!!! I'm hoping that it will help me too, I'm only 2lb away for my 1st stone and so want it before I go away on 1st July. I'm only on W3R2 but had to rest due to hurting my back:o(


That is amazing - well done!!


You need to look after your back, it is really worth getting your traing shoes fitted. They video your run and provide shes to suit your charateristics, this really helps.

But stick at it


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