Couch to 5K

Week 9 Run 1 - only 2 more!

Now that the runs are longer I am afraid to say I have ditched Laura and am listening to my own stuff - just in the process of refining my playlist but my general feeling is fast and loud!

Anyway, just done week 9. Felt lazy and had to talk myself into it, but I really want to graduate by Sunday before I have to go on a residential course with a group of kids next week and it is unlikely I will have the opportunity to run.

It was a bit of a hard one today - legs felt slightly leaden, but hey, I kept going and whilst I won't be breaking any speed records quite yet, I am most definitely going to graduate this week. :-)

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I've done C25K twice now, after the first time I had to take over 3 months off due to injury so decided to run it all again. I missed out the odd run in weeks 1-3 but after that stuck with every run, but like you got to week 8 and just had to change the music to my own, but hey Laura would not complain if we stopped jogging. Good luck for the last two runs, well done too.


Thats fantastic! You are so close. Iam afraid I didn't have Laura with me in the latter stages either! Dont worry about speed - Iam a tortoise and trying to build up to a Race for Life! I graduated on Sunday and Iam finding my runs hard but I told myself that I have to keep plodding along in a run-like manner otherwise I would be walking and Iam not a walker, Iam a RUNNER! :D

Good luck for Sunday and do keep us informed! :)


All the best, i ran this yesterday after a week off and my legs were like lead too.

We hopefully will both be graduates by the end of the weekend.Good luck


Well done. I ran this today too although I probably won't graduate until early next week. I'm giving myself 2 days between runs to give my shins a good rest. See you at the finish line!


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