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I have just heard about this endurance run which is following the same route as the Olympic Torch. It started 10 days after the official torch and It's a non-stop relay of around 8000miles with each participant running around 10miles each. I think it's brilliant and in the real spirit of the Olympics instead of the farce that saw the official torch being carted around in a car and then the torch bearers only running about 100metres!

Each participant is being asked to donate £10 to charity too so it's a good cause. If you want to follow the relay see the website:

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Oh my goodness! This is awesome! It only goes as far as Oxford at the moment but I would absolutely love to do it! So I am going to keep an eye out on the site. I know that the torch goes really close to where I live, so who nows!! I could do 10 miles by then! How cool would that be!

Thanks Rose for the link :)


You have to be able to sustain 10 minute miles, so maybe not for me! Never mind.


does sound great!


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