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Hi all,

After finding myself running in the pitch black on part of my route this morning I've found myself pondering the purchase of a head torch.

But there are so many available, at such a range of costs I'm really not sure what to go for. So I'm after some recommendations please :D

I've done a couple of searches on the forum and seen a few members praise the Alpkit Gamma, unfortunately that's unavailable until the end of November. I've also seen good things said about a torch from Lidl, although I've not seen anyone mentioning them doing running gear at the moment, but I'm going to pop into Lidl in a bit and see if they have any.

Does anybody have any other suggestions?


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I can't imagine a head torch would shed enough light on the pavement/road in front of you for safe running, but I hope somebody will prove me wrong!


I don't have any experience with head torches, but as I live out in the sticks, I'd be very interested to hear about recommendations as well.


I think I will need a head torch too. I've put it off so far as I know I will look daft ha ha ;-)


Psssssttttt Before you say it I know I look daft already ;-) ha ha


I've just ordered one of these

Looks pretty much identical to the Alpkit Gamma, although a little more expensive. Should arrive tomorrow so I can give it a try during my run on Thursday.


The reviews look good - let us know how it goes.


I have this one:

It's really light weight, doesn't bob about and you can angle it downwards. I tried it out last night and it was good, the light is muted but I could see much better in the poorly lit areas, pleased with it. Good thing about these torches is that not only can you see where you are going but you are visible to others too (& I reckon it would dazzle any would be attacker as close up they are bright).


I bought one last year and I have just been looking to see what it was called. The box says it was an "Enjoydeal 1600 lumen Cree T6 LED with three modes and charger". There are similar ones on Amazon but I can't find the same model. It has a central over the top strap as well as the round the head one, which stops it sliding down as you run. The battery pack is at the back of your head, with a glowing red panel when switched on. The 3 modes are very bright (rarely used) bright and seizure inducing flash, which really puts the wind up the sheep on a winter's morning (I should think). I find it very good and Useitorloseit you will find it will give plenty of light, although I do run on totally unlit paths.

The hassle with mine was the 18650 batteries, which you can't seem to buy over the counter in this country, although there are loads of Ebay and Amazon sellers. Be careful though, some of these batteries are recycled cells from laptop batteries and are pretty dodgy, so buy from a reputable source and don't just go for the cheapest. The Chinese take our used technology scrap and then sell it back to us again. I bought from after my initial order was impounded by customs.

Headtorch running is a weird pastime. Join the nutters.

Keep running, keep smiling.


I rarely venture out after dark for anything, let alone running, since I became a mother. It feels really wicked if I'm out after dusk these days, and my son is now 15! I definitely think I need to start getting a life - d'oh!


My son's 16 now, I know what you mean, but it is good to get out and about again - and fun to run with a head-torch. Yep, I've joined the nutters. ;-)


Meh. Looks like another run in the dark tomorrow.

Despite ordering in time, and paying the extra for express delivery so that it would be delivered today, Amazon decided not to send the head torch yesterday after all.

No notification or anything, just hasn't been sent out.

Have been on to them and they've refunded the delivery charge, and extended my prime membership for a month, but that doesn't help me avoid dog poo!

Laughably the order status still shows it as being delivered today.


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