Couch to 5K

Nearly W3R1-Podgy bloke running around South Birmingham

Well after a gap of about 3 weeks I have pick up from where I had left off and I am now about to start the third week.

As this is not only an attempt for myself to get fitter but I am also working toward a charity run that’s 8 weeks away. So far I haven’t found it too bad, and I haven’t even had to pull up yet, which is something!

Things that I have found useful when running: a phone armband, Nike GPS app, running earphones, a water bottle that is shaped around my hand and a couple of tablets of crampex! The Nike GPS app is fantastic though and I can have it running whilst Laura is demanding I keep running!!

I have found that I prefer running in the late evenings around dusk. Which is strange really because you’d think all the local undesirables would be lynching people around my local park at that time, but it is quite pleasant and cooler! Another obstacle is the sodden grass which can be like running in sand! But I suppose the extra effort to run will pay off in the end!

Fund raising wise, I haven’t done too badly… I decided to do a sweepstake for my work colleagues on how long it’ll take for me to run 5k! I’ve almost had a few DNF (did not finish), but it is interesting to see what peoples opinions are! It is almost a much easier way of getting money from people than doing a normal sponsorship and begging people to hand their money over after the event!

Health wise, I do feel like I have more energy although I don’t see the weight falling off yet. I have been told that I am probably toning up rather than dropping weight, I suppose I will have to get my mouth wired up for kick starting a diet.

Right….scary W3R1 tonight…..


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