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W4 complete.... very nervous for W5!!!

Just completed my third run of week four this morning and boy was it hard work (was very sunny and warm too so that probably didn't help)! My legs felt so heavy and I was puffing away! But I did it! At one point Laura said, 'if you're getting tired, slow down but don't stop'... great advice but was hard for me to go any slower!!!

Really nervous about week 5. First day seems ok but the second two....woah! What a jump! I barely managed 5 minutes this week and to think that by this time next week I will be tackling 20mins! I just can't see it happening!

Will give it a shot regardless but very scared! Apart from on my second to last run on week 1, day 1 I have finished evry run and would hate to start having to stop now!

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Don't be scared....there have been countless others felt the same way you do staring at that 20 minute threshold...feeling just like you do right now and thinking, "How in the -----?!" ... myself included.

Be excited instead! What a wonderful thing you are doing for yourself! This time next week you'll be saying, "Wow...can't believe I did it!" (check out a couple other blogs just this morning)

Hugs to you ... keep up the good work, and happy running!


W5R1 was strangely satisfying. I am trusting everyone here two as I go after run 2 tomorrow. In my mind "if everyone else can do it then so can I" and believe me, if I can do. Then you can too.


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