Couch to 5K

W6 R3 I only went and done it!

Wow, I ran for 25minutes plus! I managed to stop the podcast with about 6 mins to go! So I went back to 10mins left and kept running. I was exhausted and needed upbeat music (Waka Waka - Shakira, I wouldn't usually listen to it but it kept me running) to keep me going. My head was telling me I couldn't finish it but I refused to give up.

I was wobbly after it but probably because I ran for longer due to me messing on with the flippin buttons on my iPhone.

I kept to a steady pace but did do short bursts of faster running but that's me being daft, I wouldn't recommend it! I burnt over 400 calories and ran 4.03km (I think it's KM)

I enjoyed it as well!

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Oh thats brill - well done! My head tells me I cant do stuff as well but I think we have to beleive in our bodies. This programme is fab! x


Fantastic, well done! Can't believe you had the energy to do faster spurts as well, brilliant! Am attempting it tonight ...


Oh good luck- don't listen to your head if it tells you to stop. You can do it!


I did this last night and amazingly completed the 25 minutes. I carried on walking after the cool down to get to 5k on treadmill and it took 38.5 minutes altogether. with a bit more running I actually think 5k is achievable!!


I've just been reading my previous blogs - 13th May I was over the moon at running 5 minutes, now look what this programme has helped me achieve.

TWENTY FIVE minutes of RUNNING!!!!

Twice this week people have commented on how well I look too!

Woo hoo.


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