Couch to 5K

Week Seven Run Three

Back to the park again, weaving in and out of the dog walkers. One called out good morning to me but I couldn't respond because I was so out of breath. Hope he didn't think I was being rude...

Lovely morning today, really sunny and clear. The only thing was, going to the park first thing means you run into all the school children. I was worried that some of them might make fun of me but none of them did. I reckon I look authoritative now, because I've got all the proper running gear. There's something about proper runners that makes you not want to mess with them...

Bad, bad music :P Oh well, I managed it anyway. I listen to music through my headphones a lot and I've been terrified of giving myself tinnitus because I can't always tell whether its too loud. I'm using a set now which are programmed never to go to a dangerous volume. It does mean that my songs are interspersed with the traffic often but at least I won't go deaf.

I'm off on my holidays next week and I've decided to be brave and continue the program while I'm there. I'm staying in a university campus so I reckon I could do a few laps of the buildings in the mornings or something.

I still found the 25 minutes quite tough today but markedly easier than the previous runs so I think I'm making progress. Was definitely going faster than last time too :)

Roll on week eight...

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Good to hear that it is getting easier. I will live in hope. You are sounding like a proper runner - planning where to run before you have even left home. Think you are hooked!


Well done you are doing well prefer the music in week 8 but I am very old in comparison.

Keep it up .


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