Couch to 5K

WK2R3 ..... and it's still going well!

Loving this. Never thought I'd be able to do it but so far have completed every run at first attempt - even included two hills on WK2 R2 (thought I'd better get used to them as they are all around me here in the Pennines - no escape!!). Not got any significant aches or pains so far - not bad for a 60+ who isn't used to running - wonder if my years of yoga are helping? Ready now for WK3R1 on Wednesday evening.

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Whoa, you're speeding through ... I would think that years of yoga would certainly help, if nothing else it has given you confidence in your body and its capabilities. Great for the later runs when it becomes a bit of a mental game as well as physical.TWO hills!! I live on the Somerset Levels so may have to go to Glastonbury Tor for hill fix (or may be not)...


O,'re a NATURAL! It's wonderful things are going well for you! We 60+-ers (lol) have to lead the way, don't we?!

Continued success!


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