Couch to 5K

Can't believe I'm doing it.... and enjoying it!

So this morning I completed my second run of week 4 and cannot believe I am running for 5 minute stints now... its tough going and I really have to push myself but I'm doing it!

The knee pain that started a couple of weeks back, is still there although bearable. After resting it for a few days last week (between week three and four) and having my gait analysed (and subsequently investing in a decent pair of running shoes) I'm still here and still going!!!

The shoes are helping for sure, my knee still aches a bit as I start my run but eases the further I go. It hurts afterwards (sort of at front and slightly to the right) but this morning when I got back and took 2 ibuprofen and that sorted me right out! That's obviously the way forward!!!

I can't believe I'm enjoying running, well I look forward to going and love the feeling after, during... not so much lol!

After living through the hardest few months of my life recently running is really boosting me and giving me a focus!

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Well done, great feeling isn't it.

I started to run with a single knee strap on my dodgy knee from about week 3 but as the runs got longer it didn't provide quite enough support so I moved on to better quality top and bottom strap (made by Mueller from Amazon). Surprisingly my knees are now less bother than before I started running, I think I must have improved muscle tone around my knee which helps keep everything in the right place.


Running has a way of sorting your mind out, doesn't it?

Glad to hear that knee is better, and you are getting right up there in your minutes runtime...I'll have to keep looking over my shoulder for you to overtake me soon...

Have fun!


I had similar when i started and even after getting my gait analysed and proper shoes i was still sore. I happened to have a massage booked and mentioned it to the therapist, she gave my knee such a rubbing i was bruised but i haven't had an ache or pain since


Was that a special sports massage or just a normal one? Only as I have a friend who is a trained masseur but not in sports massage..?


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