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W8r3 and the madness sets in!

I almost didn't do today's run. It's my sons birthday today so I have a house full of kids on sugar highs and a stream of face time calls on top of the normal 'Sunday rush' but I thought to myself that Ive come this far so I cant be letting myself down now. So, for the first time in about 2 weeks I used my treadmill. Now, when I run outside I usually struggle with pacing myself and therefore spend most of the run trying to breath and willing myself to carry on. Obviously so much so that after an easy 5 minutes I felt like I was cheating and boredom began to set in. So I upped the pace by 1/2 a mph and set off in what can only be described as the most boring daydream ever. Honestly. I daydreamed that I was redecorating my bedroom. (I know how to live ;) ) I was really getting into it. Imagining getting a pot of paint, then playing the 'If I was a little git who couldn't leave anything alone, where would I put a flat head screwdriver?' game before giving up and ruining a slew of cutlery before spotting said screwdriver on the bookshelf... I wont bore you with the continuously boring details but all of a sudden I checked the clock and I was 27 mins in. Clearly mediocre lunacy works for me! Perhaps my first run after graduation I should imagine how I intend to tackle that pile of ironing in intricate detail and just see how far I can go lol :)

Anyhow, and I can hardly believe I'm about to write this, it's week 9 next. The end is almost in sight!

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Well done managing to get anywhere near the treadmill and even thinking about running! Brillant blog - will try the ironing strategy!


Well done you. I was very good tonight and did a "rest day" walk for over an hour. Really trying to keep up my motivation now I've graduated, and do a bit extra to try and get the weight moving. :)


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