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Apprehensive setting off but W8R3 completed - at last! Ended up swearing at a dog walker though!

VERY cool, cold in fact, at 7.30 which for me was really good news! Set off without any expectations - just take it as it comes. Bit apprehensive last night and this morning but it needed doing after the rubbish run last time! Nice smiles from the dog walkers. Turned the corner into the car park I need to cross, confronted by two barking collies, one of which was barring its teeth. Lady with baby buggy following so asked her to get her dogs back. 'It's alright they're only being friendly'. That is GUARANTEED to get me going! I said Look, I'm scared of dogs and I don't b****y know that. Get your dog BACK!. (Angry command to her - no please) When she turned to walk on I saw she had another dog in the buggy!! WHAT? So that episode really got my dander up and I ran off with ease!

Not a bad run this time until half way through the last half when I felt a sort of twang in my left calf. Nothing big, more an awareness of my leg. Slowed down and did some lunges to stretch it a bit and carried on no problem. Amused by Laura telling me I could change the pace if I was feeling up to it. I shifted down a gear! Didn't do a burst for the last minute but did finish!

Now I am home and my left calf has a tight area about the size of a tennis ball on the outside of my leg. I'm not sure what to do about that.

I am feeling pleased that I managed to do it today. Week 9 starts Friday!

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Sensible dog walkers are fine but you seem to have come across one of the selfish idiots this morning. Sadly, there are a number of them about. Think you did exactly the right thing; it really winds me up too.


Ooh, that sounds grim! I love dogs but there were some on the trail yesterday not on leads which annoys me. I hope your calf feels better soon - I hesitate to say this but you might need to rest it for a few days? You are so nearly there and it would be a shame to carry on and have to take a week or two off before you can graduate. Fingers crossed that all is well.


I've been thinking about you and wondered how you were getting on. I am so glad to hear that you managed to nail your final wk 8 run. If your calf problem is different to what you've normally experienced then it may be worth a physio consultation. Most physiotherapists don't charge for a quick consultation and it may be remedied with sports massage. I agree with Annie and would extend your rest periods because wk 9 doesn't have to be completed in 6 days. I do hope you're back to full fitness soon.


Hi Mazzero! Could have easily bunked off again this morning but glad that I didn't now. Although I came back really cold and got back into bed to warm up again - and slept until 1.00. :-(

I started doing Strength and Flexibility in parallel when I started C5K but I have not had enough time to do it for the last 3 weeks. I'm wondering if that has contributed to my calf aches. I got as far as week 4 on that programme and it follows C5K on my MP3 player. I did some of the stretching part on my way home today and realised how nice the stretches are. I will jump back into doing them in the morning. I'm sure that must have had an effect on my muscles.

I am finding I get so very tired lately, which disappoints me as so many people describe they're feeling full of energy! I just feel knackered!

I take your point - It can take more than 6 days if necessary!


The stretches are lovely and I've been doing the stretch routine on the Couch/5k website plus a little yoga routine I do some evenings at home. I must try the strength and flex I did download week 1 and had good intentions but as you say it's finding the time. You must need the sleep so don't worry you do what feels right for you. I'm almost 65 and whilst I'm reasonably fit I find this running malarkey pretty gruelling. Still we're not giving up and I think we'll get stronger and have more stamina with time.


I really do hope so! I'm 66 and used to be one of those annoying people with boundless energy! I used to do Pilates and loved that so it would be a good idea to get back into the way of it in the evenings I think. My Gran always had a lay down every afternoon and lived well into her nineties, and so did my Mum. I tend to think I am wasting my life if I sleep like that but I am probably wrong! I just want my energy back and thought this was the way to get it! I'm not giving up though!


Hello Beek, I was so pleased to read that you got out this morning and completed R3... well done you !

Hope your calf problem gets sorted ,maybe a few rest days before embarking on W9 ?

There's nothing wrong with a siesta when you need one....even a catnap , 20 minutes tops (set the alarm if you have to) can be surprisingly refreshing and if you hit the 'snooze' button and carry on for a bit extra,so what ?!

Take care and start on W9 only when you feel good and ready.


Thank you Carolecal. This is what is so good about the blog site. People are so encouraging and supportive through the hard times - and we all have them! Still, week 9 on Friday (assuming I have stopped hobbling up and down stairs by then!) Good idea setting the alarm when needing a nap! I'll try it.


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