Couch to 5K

Week 9.....Complete!

Wow! I did it! I did run 3 of week 9 this morning and decided to just keep going until I made it to 5K rather than stopping at 30mins. Took me 46mins to get to 5k so I still have work to do to pick up the pace but am so pleased to have got there, especially as my first two runs were hard going earlier this week.

I've signed up for Race for Life in a few weeks so hope to get a bit quicker by then :o) Also looking forward to Laura's new podcast - I'm sure that'll help!

I have to say that everyone on this site is so encouraging and have been a total inspiration to me! Happy running everybody!

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Well done you on completing the programme you must be smiling from ear to ear I know I will.


Congratulations, on completing the program, sounds a good idea to run 5k on last run, like you i will be running past 30 mins but it must be worth it for the great feeling at the end


Congratulations! Take it back a step now...we don't want you injured before your Race for Life!


Yes, back to the 30min runs trying to go a bit faster!


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