Couch to 5K

W2R3 completed - people can see me running? not bovvered!

I used to be really scared of running because I thought that everyone would be looking at my form and noticing that I was doing it wrong. This put me off starting for ages. Think it comes down to being one of those kids who was not particularly good at sport, so I got a real fear of even trying.

I'm pleased to say with each successful run completed, I care a little less about what everyone else is doing, and more about my own progress. I've started to go into my own nice world where all that matters is achieving my own goals and feeling good that I got a little bit better today.

Today's run was still hard, but I noticed a lightness in my step when I first set off, and it took longer for me to feel really knackered. This means more to me than anything I can buy in a shop or any compliment I could receive from someone else.

C25k is working for me! If you're thinking of giving it a go, go for it!

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You've got the right of's really about that sense of achievement, isn't it? And as you start to feel stronger and a better's just "over the moon" time. Knackered never felt so good! lol

Good running....


I am 5st overweight, but have lost 18lbs over the last 10 weeks...I am repeating WK1 so far I have done two runs of the repeat wk. It aint easy and it aint pretty. I hate anyone seeing me run/struggle. I am wondering if I will ever get to WK2. I could not do 8X1 Minute last week now I have done it twice...but 90 seconds seems undoable as I so need to stop after 60 secs...any advice would be fab!


You will be able to do it - just trust the plan. It is written to stretch you but to be achievable. You will surprise yourself, I promise - you are already stronger - during the rest days your body has been building your muscles. 18lbs is a lot of weight - congratulations! Good luck and keep blogging.


Thanks Grammadog! I love it how everyone here is so supportive of each other.

Inthesky: 18lbs in 10 weeks is awesome! Good on you! I have polycystic ovary syndrome which means it's a bugger to shift even a couple of pounds, so I'd be chuffed with that. I found good advice on the forums by searching the motivation tag - loads of tips from graduates on sticking with it even when the runs are tough. It sounds like you're still progressing in the right direction, even if it's taking a bit longer. Good luck!


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