First 5k race this afternoon after rather a busy week

So, it's been an interesting week. Last Saturday I was really pleased with myself because I went out despite feeling rough and had my best ever run (29.29 mins for 5k). I'd found out all about the Monday community run at my local Sweatshop and was going to join in. All was set for being on track to run in my first 5k, Race For Life today.

And then I got to work on Monday and Ofsted called (work is a school) and everything went slightly crazy. We were prepared and we don't have anything to fear but we still do fear - what if something goes wrong and they hate us etc etc.

Monday's run clearly didn't happen. Neither did quality sleep - I can do vivid dreams really well.

Thursday 7pm: got home and out the other side. I'd not managed to go for a run at all. I'd eaten really badly all week (badly as in eating rubbish and too much of it rather than eating not very much). We had survived the Ofsted (and are very pleased with the outcome although I'm not allowed to say what it is until the report is published even though no-one here knows who I am!).

I was more concerned about my body and my running - that's just incredible. In Ofsteds past I'd be down the pub with everyone else but now I was thinking about running. What has this programme done to me!!

It was raining (remember Thurs eve?) I wanted to go for a run. I'm not quite sure who's taken over a strange part of my brain but I went for a run.

I didn't do the full 5k, I ran for about 20 mins and did the warm up/downs. I felt so much better for it. That's when the state of shock really took hold - how come, after 10 weeks I consider a 20 min run a 'short run'??? How on earth do I now think running in the rain at the end of a hard few days to be a great thing to do?

I'm now nervously killing time whilst waiting for the time to get my kit on and get to my race. I appear to have lost my race pack in the chaos of this week but I just figure there will be other idiots like me and there will be a system to get us new numbers. I am strangely excited. Ok, so I've only been thinking about doing this race for a few weeks whereas I've been expecting Ofsted to arrive since September, but by 3pm today my life will have shifted. Two huge milestones will have been achieved. I might cry.

Thank you to everyone on this forum who's given support to anyone else (but especially to me). It feels like my life has shifted somehow and that's a good thing. :)


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4 Replies

  • Good luck for this afternoon!!!! :) Let us know how you get on

  • Good luck this afternoon, I am sure it will go brilliantly.

    I often find I run really well after missing a few.

    Match report please!

  • Good luck!

    How life changes :)

  • Hi everyone, thanks for support.

    I'm pleased to say I completed the run and enjoyed it. As with so much recently I learnt a lot:

    1. Don't do the 'warm up' as it's really annoying and you keep getting wacked by women trying to follow the instructor whom no-one can see.

    2. Don't think 'Oh, I'd better go with the joggers as I'm aiming sub-30 and the runners category is for those under 27 mins. You will find yourself having to navigate past three-legged 'joggers' and big bunches of walkers before getting going.

    3. Take my phone with Runkeeper so I know how far I've gone - this will help me pace my race. I finished (with the time saying 30.10 so I'm really pleased as it took so long to get going) thinking, 'oh, is that the end? I wish I'd gone faster' (even better, get a GPS watch)

    4. Know that I can do it and just blimmin' go for it!

    I am aware I sound really negative and I don't mean to as it's a great event and I did shed a tear for lost ones during the minute of silence. It's a brilliant way of getting large groups of people to do something positive whilst raising awareness. I just now know I'm ready for something like a ParkRun. Luckily, the nearest one is at the same location in Guildford so that will give me confidence as the terrain will be the same.

    I think I'm still in a bit of a state of shock about how I have changed since I started this programme at the start of the Easter holidays. I'd thought about it long and hard and set my first holiday task to go and buy some trainers. I'm now so proud of the fact they are well worn and pretty muddy. I can safely say I've got the bug. Thank you everyone. x

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