Week5 Run 3 Whoo Hoo

Still grinning from ear to ear. 20 minutes not stop running who would of thought it, not me, certainly not a few weeks ago. I say running, a snail could of gone faster but when Laura said 2 mins to go, I checked my time again and with 1 min to go it was Run Forrest Run. It felt sooooo good.Not bad for an old bird. Good Luck to all you C25K's which ever run you're on.

4 Replies

  • well done, completed that run last night, such a great feeling isnt it :)

  • Thanks, still grinning hours after. Well done to you too.

  • Well done. You should be proud of yourself. I previously ran at snail pace too but I moved up a gear to tortoise last week when I ran further in the same time!!

  • Thanks bring on the tortoise ha ha

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