Couch to 5K

W4 R2 - bit of a non starter!

All set to do run 2 started and just knew it wasnt going to happen! Felt really out out of sorts with legs that were having none of it!

Nearly just gave up and went home, but determined to do something, so ended up struggling to complete a W3 run instead.

My legs grudgingly played along, but havent felt this tired and out of sorts since week 1.

I have just chalked it up to a rubbish day, and hopefully back to W4 tomorrow.

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Good luck for tomorrow - it can only get better and I suppose we are all bound to have a bad day sooner or later...


Keep at it you will do it


I ran my W4 R3 yesterday and it was really really rubbish! It was the first time I'd felt rotten 'jogging' with legs like lead. I think the planets were misaligned yesterday, don't you?! Let's put it behind us, eh! Good luck with the last run, I'm sure you'll be just fine.


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