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W6 A real roller coaster

Well having done the 20 min run at the end of W 5 I was very disappointed to fail W6R1 but I repeated it ok and R 2 was great. Surprisingly easier than I expected. So I was all set for the big 25 min run today. What a disaster. Firstly got to start of run and found I'd left my iPod ear phones behind so had to run with it in my hand to listen to Laura. Then just after 12 1/2 mins I heard Laura say welcome to W 5. I must have touched the rewind button!!!. It just threw me. I stopped to find my place again but had then lost my running rhythm and my mental frame of mind of running non stop left me. I ended up just running for 20 mins. What do I do now? Repeat this run again or repeat all week 6 to build up to it again?

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First thing you do is don't worry....W7 is all about 25 minute runs.

Get your rest day(s) and soldier'll be fine, really. If you fail miserably maybe repeat a run, but I'll bet you won't have any problems.

Good running...and keep us posted on how you're doing!


just move on. i'd go with Grammadog1947 and only repeat the run if you struggle with the next couple. we all have days where we don't complete runs but you did do 20 mins!!!

i had technical issues at various stages in the programme and it really does throw you so know the nightmare!


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