Couch to 5K

W2R2 completed, now where did I put that ice!!!

I have now completed run 2 of week 2 and have started to get pain in both of my knees. Really had to push myself today to get through it and my pace was a lot slower than it has been. I may not be fit for run 3 on Saturday, so I think I may just stick with week 2 for a bit longer and not move on until I can do it with a bit less pain! Right now I am sitting with my legs elevated and both knees wrapped in support bandages, they feel a bit better now but I have heard that ice on them straight after can also help so I may try that next time.

Week 2 might take me a bit longer, but I am not giving up!

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Have you invested in a new pair of trainers for your c25k? If not it would probably be worth getting yourself to a specialist running shop to have your gait analysed and buy an appropriate pair of trainers. This could save your knees and help you stick to the plan.

You've got the right idea: Look after yourself, take it a bit slower if necessary and don't give up.


My knees are playing up as well, but googling the exact symptoms, it sounds like it might just be a weak muscle rather than an actual knee problem, so have found some exercises to strengthen it - fingers crossed it works! Might be worth having a google and see what you can find to prevent further problems, it might be quite easily solved. And yes, the right shoes will help!


I have got a pair of running trainers but I think I will pop into the local running shop to make sure that they are the right ones for me now. I have had them for a while but I have not used them that much!!! Thanks the advice


My left knee, in particular, started hurting a couple of weeks ago. I am fairly sure it's a problem with a weak muscle caused by not straightening my leg fully when I walk (that leg is longer than my other one). I have continued running but I've strapped it. I'm going to see a physio about it this afternoon, but I have just completed W5R2 this morning and it wasn't as painful as it has been. I probably slowed down a bit because of my knee. Good luck.


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