Couch to 5K

Wk 6 run 1

Well that was surprisingly tough even though it wasn't another 20 minute run! Just had to keep plodding along but now I'm wondering how on earth I got through that 20!

I had done a parkrun in the past and it has changed a bit so I requested my barcode and links today. It showed me that the one run I did almost exactly 3 years ago was completed in 30:13! How the hell I managed that then I don't know as I certainly wasn't doing any regular running or training!

Now I just have to work my way back up there again, get the 30 minutes running under my belt and then maybe try another parkrun local to me.

I won't aim to beat that time, I'll put that down to being in my early 20s then!

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I found that run really hard last week to but run 2 2x10 minutes was much better.


You don't have to be able to run all the way to do a Parkrun. I found parkrun before I found c25k and have taken part in 10 over the last 11 weeks (volunteered once) my first took 53.30 my PB is 41:40. The good thing about being slow is that you get the finish funnel and cheerers all to yourself!

I've just finished wk5 on c25k. Its been great watching my improvement in my Parkruns thanks to the c25k.


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