Couch to 5K

Stuck on 20 mins but trying kettle bells

So I can jog at a good pace for 20 minutes but I'm hitting a huge mental block once I hit 22 minutes. I know I will get to 30 minutes eventually but right now I'm happy doing the 20 minutes! In the last 5 years I've lost about 5 stone intermittently. I've put a stone on in the last year and a half which is a horrifying prospect for me! Since starting running (and stepping away from the cake) I've lost 6 pounds.

I can't believe how well my fitness has improved! The Olympic torch passed through my town recently and I was able to run to meet it 3 times (sounds mental but I was very excited). I don't particularly enjoy running but I do want to play sport again so I'm going to stick at it! I have recently started a kettle bell class and would recommend them to anyone, brilliant workout and a good compliment to any cardio!

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I used to do kettle bells with a personal trainer and I loved it too but had to give up as it became too expensive. Have fun .


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