Couch to 5K

W1 completed

Just finished my last run for week 1. The first two I found ok but today I don't know if it was because I ran the first few faster or the takeaway last night but it was harder, I was chuffing like a steam train glad no one could see or hear me. But i got through it and feel good ( now i've got my breath back ) couple of days recouperation then week 2 here i come.

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Well done Grat - I think must of us chuff - even those who have graduated! Do not panic; it will get better!

Just keep on running!



Well done. I struggle if I have eaten rubbish food so the takeaway possibly didn't help lol. The breathing will get easier. In a couple of weeks you will be amazed at the difference :-)


well done finishing week one think it is harder than we vthink just getting out there to run. My breathing sorted itself out in week 3 aslong as I pace myself.


Congratulations! We all have good runs and bad runs whatever week we're at so don't worry. I think the first week is really the toughest because your body is in shock - at least mine was! It takes a couple of weeks to let it get into gear and build up strength and stamina. Keep going, you'll be amazed at yourself!


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