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Gaining confidence that I can do this!

I first started C25K a few months ago outdoors but I could never fully complete every interval on week 1. I gave up, and 2 weeks ago I joined a gym. Last week I started with Week 1 again. The first time I had to cut short a couple of running intervals. I thought I'd be running week 1 all the time and would never progress. I did week 1 four times, and the third time I managed to run every interval. I was dreading moving on to week 2. After completing the first run today (with only having to cut 5 seconds off a running interval because of a stitch) I finally believe I may be able to do a 5k in 8 weeks!

I'm mostly doing this to get fitter and lose some weight so I really hope there is someone out there who lost some weight doing this.

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ME!!!!! On Wednesday the 7th march i had my first weigh in at Slimming World. I weighed a depressing 303 1/2 lbs (21st 9), on the Friday i checked with my GP about doing C25K, and i began the programme that afternoon.

I have kept to the diet 100%, and only paused on the running when had a knee injury.

I was weighed last week 253 lbs (18st 1), that's a drop of fifty pounds (3st 8).

To be honest i dont think the running has added hugely to the weight loss, maybe 10% to 20%, but the C25K has given me an exercise programme that i enjoy (well ok, not really, but i enjoy completing it). My body has an energy rushing through it all day after a run. I take a deep breath and i feel some kind of spark.

Never had a running high, maybe this is a post running high!

Your quality of life will improve. Your breathing, your snoring, your sleeping, your legs, your general fitness.

An example of this was the other day, for the jubilee myself and a few friends climbed up a very small fell in the lake district to take part in the lighting of a beacon.

I dont do much walking, i was easily the least fit *looking* of the entire group, one of which regularly walks around the lakes.

However, when we started up the fell it was pretty obvious, and quite shocking to everyone there (including me) that i was most certainly the fittest of the group.

I dont think i have ever been the fittest person in any group i have been in!!


Of course, I don't know your dietary habits, but you will have success at losing weight when you eat a healthy diet, and burn more calories than you consume. I use a site called to help me determine a calorie range I suggest have to reach my goal weight. It also provides some suggested meal plans, and provides trackers that allow you to log what you eat, your weight and measurements and your fitness activities.

It has been very helpful for me, and I have lost 18.6 lbs. since April 2.


keep at it..the mental stamina is half the battle...the rewards are your motivation. Well done and when you feel you cant do it try to to remember how those highs felt!. Thats what keeps me going.


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