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If I can do this anyone can do this...go for it !

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I am still on my c25K journey (Wk8 R1), and I never write on boards like this but I feel compelled to, because it has been truly amazing.

I always loved playing sport from when I was at school, but even at school I hated those rainy days when we weren't allowed on the pitches, and we had to do 'cross country' running. The concept of cross country running in South London always struck me as a bit odd, but I hated running. Our route quite conveniently followed a bus route....

Sport, squash, footie, hockey, anything, kept me trim, until post university and marriage saw massive increase in weight and lot less movement.

Fast forward, and I turned 47 in 2017 and decided that 2018 was the year of change. Jan 2018 I weighed 133 kilo thats about 21 stone. Had gastric sleeve surgery, started c25K end of April and now weight 104 Kilo (16 stone 5 lbs). For the first time in my life last week I ran 25 minutes. Thank you c25K and all you wonderful people, and thanks to the NHS for sponsoring the app. I had a very special friend who encouraged me and supported me...

I now love the feeling of running, and the feeling after I've run. Just buzzing.. looking forward to running further , and faster... and looking forward to being a fit 50 year old !

11 Replies
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Thanks for this post cause I just started the programme on Monday so due to take on w1 r2 today but have so far almost given up before I’ve started! Dusted off my bike and been out cycling past 2 nights instead but now my back pelvis hips knees etc are all sore so it’s putting me off continuing the programme today. I keep telling myself I can’t do it, I’m not strong enough or fit enough! You have just inspired me that yes I can do this!! Thankyou!!

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Riz1_ukGraduate in reply to Nmcdade

You can do it.. I promise you... just keep put your stuff.. and follow the app...

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MrFlibble1970 in reply to Nmcdade

I am 24 stone and very unfit and have just started week 8 - running for 28 mins!!!! It really does work. I now enjoy going out and feeling like a runner, do not give up - if I can do it anyone can.

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What a story Riz1_uk ...all that weight loss in such a short time is something to be proud and becoming a runner on top of that is fantastic!!!! You are def en route to being a very fit & healthy 50 year old, there’s no doubt about that! 😉

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Riz1_ukGraduate in reply to Mummycav

Thanks MC....

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Well done. I identify with a lot of that. Enjoy the final 5 runs of the programme and the running beyond!

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Riz1_ukGraduate in reply to Jay66UK

Thanks Jay !

Yes, well done and keep it. With post like that you should encourage many people to start or not give up once started. Keep going and big up yourself everything me you do a run. 😉

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Riz1_ukGraduate in reply to

Thanks Gazloc :)

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Hi Riz! Welcome to the forum - seems like you’ve done really well without posting before. 😊

You’re nearing the finishing line! 😊

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Wow that's fantastic - thanks so much for sharing your journey. Best wishes for the new beginning! 👍🌟😁

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