Couch to 5K

BIG rest and then Graduation!

Hi all,

I haven't been on here for a while as I was diagnosed with tendonitis in my knees and had to give them a proper rest. So I've been cross-training instead. However I decided last week to give a real run a go again and I only went and did 30 minutes non-stop! Really pleased with myself especially as I'm doing X-Runner Water Wipeout in 11 days time!

So to all of you struggling out there keep on going, it is a great sense of achievement when you do that 30 minute run!

Good running.

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Woop, congratulations!


What on earth is a X-Runner Water Wipeout!

( well done on the 30 mins by the way! ) :)


It is a mad, 5k/10k cross-country obstacle course with 25 obstacles including open water swimming, mud wading, etc. - which I've stupidly entered on my 42nd Birthday! 23rd June.


Barking mad! But good luck! :)


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