Fast pulse is it an issue ?

OMG I ask so many questions ! As usual today my run wad at the gym I'm on W5R1 almost 50 years old and I hate to say it 12 stone....but on this plan I've lost 8lbs had spinal surgery and have RA in multiple joints .I feel I'm doing really well until today when I put the pulse reader on a resting pulse of 101 a min after my running sessions it goes up to157 bpm with fast walking it goes back to 123bpm . I feel fine but am well aware a healthy pulse is between 60-80 bpm should I be concerned ? I love the exercise programme and feel great but now a little deflated


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  • 157 isn't so bad a pulse if you are working hard 60-80 would be a sitting a chair resting pace. I used this site to learn about HR zones

    When I am jogging along at a comfortable pace my HR is about 140 but it will peak up to 150 and sometimes I am in the high 130s. If I am running at my faster pace then it might be 160 and that is a fair bit uncomfortable but bearable :-). My recovery times (the time it takes post exercise for the HR to go back to normal) have improved quite a lot since I started.

  • While doing a long thirty minute run towards the end my bpm will go up to 180/182.... On the intervals though it tends to get up to the high 160s sometimes 170 and then back down below 150/140 on the walking bit.

    35 yr old male

  • 157 is fine for working out, although you can't sustain it for long. If you're enjoying your exercise, don't worry about your pulse. Mine rises as soon as I get to my feet but it takes longer to rise when I'm cycling or swimming which aren't weight bearing exercises. It's usually sky-high when I'm running. (Don't worry about asking question- there's always someone here to stop you worrying!)

  • I average around 165/170 on a 5K, I've had a high heart rate ever since I started and I'm fine so 157 is ok I'd say :)

  • So long as your pulse returns to a slower rate once you have finished thats fine. You will find too that the fitter you get the quicker it will return to normal.

    My pulse rate before getting out of bed is very slow at 48 but goes up to 150/160 when I exercise hard i.e. jogging, zumba & aqua gym.

  • I am a similar age and weight to you, my HR is averaging 150 when i run, and i find that i am recovering quicker after each run, i dread to think how long it took in week 1 run 1, but because im getting fitter it is getting quicker and quicker

  • My heart rate hit 180 in the first week! But is now averaging 150 on runs and going down to low 130 after three minutes.

  • this is a useful link. :)

  • My pulse goes up to 168 for a LARGE portion of my 30min run. I have watched it on my garmin 'player' and I see it go up with the hills (slight inclines) and with the sprint (faint acceleration) that I do at the end. I'm not worried at all by this. I have noticed it is getting better as I get fitter, it was 181 a week or so ago. But my resting pulse is 58 (when I'm careful about breathing) whilst it was 78 a year ago! So long as your resting pulse is below 90-100ish, you are fine. Dont worry too much about the treadmill readout because a) it's quite inaccurate and b) by the time you are on the treadmill your adrenaline is pumping-your body KNOWS what is coming! But if you get chest pain that is a different matter-STOP and seek help. Well done on the weight loss.

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