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Week 7: A bad run, a good run, and a brilliant run!

That wasn't only good, that was brilliant! What a worthy finish to Week 7 (which technically is week 9, but as I did only finish the 25 minutes twice, I count this run was my w7/r3).

I went out after work around 6pm. It had rained all day and the air was cool and fresh and the light was so pretty! I started on my usual route and from the beginning it felt right. At around 8 minutes another runner passed me and it took me a second to realise it was the village doctor. Haha! He has to be healthy, it's his job! ;)

I passed the point I usually turn around and decided to just go and run the loop. I knew it is more than 5k (something around 6 in fact) and I would just walk the rest back home. Very often around 5 minutes into a run I have this "I just keep going this time" urge. To do more than required. So far it never worked. But today it did. And boy how it did! I just kept going. MapMyRun announced 20 minutes.... 25.... And I still was feeling great. I was in the middle of the woods and thought "Hey, just go to the end and see how you feel." I ran... and then there was this "I've probably already passed 27 minutes... Why not go to 30 while you're on it?". And then the voice announced 30 minutes, and I still ran. I wanted to go up to the school, but halfway there my mind took over and I stopped. I ran for 32 minutes and covered 4,74 km!

I'm blown away on the one hand and on the other I think "There was only this tiny bit left! Why didn't I really run up to the school? It would have been 5k!" Oh well, I'm still amazed. And it really was only my mind stopping. I wasn't out of breath, my feet just moved on their own in a steady rhythm and everything felt right. It was only a "It's enough now". Not even a "I don't want anymore! Make it stop!!!". It was a "It's enough." But it was so good!

I think people stared at me on the way back. I bet I had a stupid grin on my face all the way.

Hm, I technically graduated today... ;) Haha, bring on Week 8!

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Wow that's amazing, what a high you must have had. I hope I get that at some point. Can't imagine carrying on when Laura says I can stop hence the name mrslazy lol


I was running with my own playlist and went a loop I knew I had to at walk back more than 5 min would I stop after the 25. That probably helped. Would I have gone the usual route and be at my house at the end of the 5 min walk I bet I would have stopped.

And the cool weather and the music definitely helped too.


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