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Ran for 40mins!! Wow!!

I suspect I may have been bitten quite hard by the running bug after all!!

Having strayed off from the C25K podcasts after Wk5R3, my last run following on from that was 25min....and today, I decided to do a Run, Forrest, Run session and I ran for 40mins!! Yay, me!! I can't believe it!! iphone claims that in that 40mins, I only managed to cover slow am I??

I assume (and hope!!) that with practice, I will get faster, won't I?? I feel so self conscious sometimes running knowing that a power walker could probably overtake me! Hence my running through the woods early int he mornings where I rarely see anyone!

I tried to up my pace at one point but got tired quickly so I figured that it was better to run the course albeit slowly than try to race it only to stop out of exhaustion!!

Has anyone any tips of speeding up? Does it really come later or am I destined to always be a slow coach??

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Lots of people I have spoken to say to increase distance and also do shorter speed sessions.


Wow!! Well done! :D

Speed WILL come later, just concentrate on building stamina and completing your runs then you can work on making those legs faster ;)


Your increased stamina is fantastic! Don't worry about me a slow runner, because your speed will increase as your strength goes up. I am a slow runner also, and on the trail that I use there are often walkers ahead of me that I never pass.

Someone made a suggestion on this site that I will probably incorporate. She said that she re-runs Week 1 and Week 2 sessions at a faster pace. That sounds like a pretty good idea to me.


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