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W3R2 - All this jubilee lark!

Just completed the second run of week 3 and all i can say is that the queen has a lot to answer for! All the sausage rolls, fruit cider and coronation chicken over the last couple of days have taken their toll!

I woke up this morning feeling really lathergic and not in any mood for a run. It's almost like a food hangover that has lasted a couple of days!

I really struggled with the run as from the waist down was just a world of hurt! hoping things improve by the weekend for run 3 otherwise i will try and squeeze in a fourth run before i commence week 4.

Hope no one is sharing may pain and will keep you posted later on in the week.

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Yes, I also started a reducing diet when I began these runs (the first proper one in about 30 years!) Thanks to 'that' weekend coupled with half term for the children I've received an email from the Tesco's website 'Whilst checking our members' progress today, we noticed that you had recorded a weight gain this week'. However this running makes me feel so good about myself (despite the struggle at the end of the final 3 minutes run) that I've decided to hell with the weight. Eat, drink and be happy, Alynsmith!


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