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Laura is right!

I managed the big week 5 run 3 a couple of weeks ago- Laura said I could and she was right!

I did the 3 k fun run, you guys said I could and you were right :-) (thanks!).

I did week 6 run 3 last week and Laura said I was a runner. This week I did week 7 run 1 at the fun run and week 7 run 2 today. Today I even managed a sprint at the end! Both are 25 minute runs, Laura was right- I am a runner!

I love c25k! It rocks!

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What a great post! Laura really is our supportive friend and when we listen to her we can't go wrong!

You're doing so well..even sprinting at the end of w7r2 !?! That's fantastic :)


Laura is ALWAYS right and you sound like a runner to me! Well done X


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