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Laura was right! (as ever)...I WAS ready for Week 5 run 3!

I was really nervous about this week and almost laughed out loud when I realised I was going to be running for 20 minutes solid by the end of it. However, today when I got up I knew I was going to give it my best shot, despite a variety of aches and pains (Note to self: don't play football with a class of 5 year olds the day before a run!).

The first 5 minutes were in some ways the hardest and I concentrated on my 'take offs' rather than my foot 'landings' to push myself on. The last 5 minutes were also challenging as I had mentally 'had enough' and was puffing like a train...but I did it.

Going back to a walk for the warm down was a body shock and my legs felt decidedly wobbly but by the time I got home my breathing was back to normal and I have had less muscle aches today than on any other run. It feels like my body is finally getting used to being used for what it was designed for, is suffering less and recovering more quickly.

My one wish is that I could now lose some weight...maybe it will come. Here's hoping!

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Hey chipstick, well done! I did wk5 r2 today and amazed I got through...could have ran on longer at the end! Im planning R3 on Monday, can't believe I will do it, maybe you were the same? It's amazing how this program gets us thru?

Ditto about the weight!


W5R1.. was really worried about this week.. he 2nd of the 5 min runs had a small pit stop in it but tagged that onto the end of the last run... now stressing about R2!!!! Here's hoping for us all..

Snap with the weight thing


Well done! That's me tomorrow, hopefully.




Well done! :-)


Well done! I've just done it too. Can't believe I can run for 20 minutes :-) Breathing was fine too though the backs of my legs were pretty sore. off for stretching and shower (yes, couldn't even wait til after my shower to tell someone I'd done it!) If you're off to do this run in the next day or 2, Laura's right, it's all about positive mental attitude. Good luck.


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