Couch to 5K

Amazing what adrenalin does

Last Friday I was doing my week 4 run 3 run. Got a call from the wife at the furthest point of the route from my car.She had been stung by a hornet and has reacted badly in the past to the little blighter's. End up doing a 12 minute mercy dash back to the car without stopping!

Wife is OK now and I'm actually looking forward to Week 5 Run 3

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Wow that's some motivational tool.

Glad to hear your mrs is ok.

Good luck in your next run, calm and relaxed would be better lol.


Glad your wife is OK!!! Good luck with your next run!


Trial by fire! Well done and glad the reaction wasn't too bad.


Shows what we can do when we have to- remind youself on your next hard run!


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