Couch to 5K


I started the plan earlier this year running outside and was loving it. After week 6 I had to stop because of severe shin pain.

It took weeks for my shins to improve. I eventually started back on the plan a few weeks ago on Week 4 of the plan running on a treadmill twice a week and outside once to be nicer to my poor old shins and having researched things have decided to go much more slowly.

This week (Week 7) I'm trying for 3 runs outside as it is so much more enjoyable and so far so good. The first run of 25 minutes went well although I have to say I'm not keen on the music in Week 7 which didn't help. Anyway I felt fine so carried on 30 minutes instead and completed 2.3miles.

Having had a few too many bevvies last night I wasn't expectingmuch from today's run but I managed 2.3miles in the 25 minutes - 5 minutes less than the previous run. The alcohol must have dulled the pain and I'm proud to say I've now officially moved up the ranks from snail to tortoise pace!!!

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Well done for getting back on to it, not long till you're finished! It's also a good feeling when you can increase the pace even just a little bit.


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