Well it's here at last !!!!

Hi everyone. It's finally here I've just completed Wk5 run2 and totally owned it. I feel like Rocky jumping at the top of the steps.

Now I have the big 20 minute-ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

This will be carried out Friday night. I feel like the man on death row awaiting the yes or no.

I'm so looking fwd to it and not all in the same feeling.

I've come so far. As some will know in 5 weeks, this is my ultimate goal do this and next stop prime minister :) the world!!

Thank you to everyone for getting me to here, I won't let you down. Results Friday weather forgiving of cause. Regards J


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37 Replies

  • You made it this far. You're ready. It's only your head that's playing games with you. Your legs and lungs are ready and able. Go on. Make history.

  • Rob your right but just in case I have North Yorkshire ambulance crews on standby lol

  • If you can be as funny in PMQs as Call-me-Dave you get my vote. He mullered poor old Millipede today, I felt sorry for the poor boy. I'm fed up of the politics, but the comedy value was priceless!

  • Oh Jase ha ha , look at the tag on your post ! :- D

    You can do it, its does seem scary when you think " Blimey, 20 minutes !!! " and there has been a few posts today saying exactly the same thing , but this run was very special for me .

    I was 53 years old , hadnt run for God knows how long, apart from a quick dash to the paper shop to get my fags before it closed ha ha , but when I completed this run, I felt absolutely amazing . I felt as if I had really achieved something.

    You will too , so deep breaths, keep calm and focused. You can do it !

    Good Luck ! :-D xxx

  • Thanks poppypug. I've never smoked so I'm not sure what the dash to the paper shop felt like.

    The the tag is very apt. I shall abolish it when I'm prime minister ;)

    Thank you again xx

  • Cheers kitty kat your so money super market lol

    Yes I'm in North Yorkshire but where ever you are you will hear a tiny hooraa on Friday.

    That will be me punch the the air and shouting out loud.

    Thanks for the encouragement it means so much, not only will I be running for me but I'll be doing it for all you too. Regards J x

  • You will hear it I assure you ;)

  • Jase your next run will be fab. Go and enjoy it and you will be chuffed and smiling for ages I reckon x :-D

  • Thanks no excuse I'm looking fwd to it so much here's to all those who have done it and are about to do it. I salute you :)

  • You will do it Jase. Think how invincible you're going to feel afterwards! Go forth into battle.

  • With my musket, fife and drum I'll do it lol

  • You will be fine Jase, just take it slow and steady. When I did run 3 of week 5, residents of my village were treated to the sight of a small woman in running gear jumping up and down cheering ! I'm sure you will be equally elated when you have completed that run ! Let us know how it goes ! Good luck ! x

  • But I'm 6'4" and male !!!!! Lol I know what you mean I can't wait :) and thank you for the support

  • I didn't punch the air in the gym. I waited till I got outside :)

    It's worth the pain of the run to feel that good afterwards.

  • Start slow, and if you need to, slow down some more. I broke it down in to 4x5 minute sections in my head, put on some good tunes and the time flew by.

    Best of luck for Friday, enjoy it ?

  • C'mon Jase you can do it! And I think the excitement part is the knowing you are more than capable :-D hope you've been practising your victory routine cos I don't doubt you're gonna need it!

  • Good luck jase! Its an anxious wait for that first 20 min run, but keep positive, we know you can do it, and think of that feeling when you get there, you'll be smiling for hours! I found once I got past the 10 mins the determination kicked in and there was no way i was going to let that 20 min target slip! Keep on going! :)

  • That's how I feel. So long as I get past the first 10 I'm there totally there. Still nervous thou don't want to let anyone down

  • You'll do great Jase, we have faith in you :)

  • You're in God's own country so you can do this :D You're all prepared. You're ready. Go slowly, breathe, and let us know when you've conquered it!

  • "It is a far, far better thing that you do than you have ever done... You will do this because myself and thousands of others before me have paved the way to create the ground that you will run upon tomorrow, have built the force within you that will enable you to seize the day and take the cheers of the thousands who will run with you in spirit forcing you onwards with every drop of sweat until you have conquered all and will be able to pass the legacy of this run to children yet unborn and a thousand nations and say that: This day I ran for England and St George - this day I won - Cry Freedom and Sceptered Isles!!! - (and if every man, woman and child were to run in this country for 20 minutes then it would be a far lighter place.)"

    Just a speech to add to your collection when you are PM - and can everyone who can run for more than 20 mins be exempt from paying tax please - many thanks.

    PS. Can I be minister of health (I can run 10K now so am eminently qualified!)

    PPS. 'Go for it - you can do it...'

  • I am happy to be anybody's junior! But with reference to your being able to run 11k - I'm afraid skill and ability have never been pre-requisites for parliamentary office - indeed the opposite would appear to be true :) I will not sulk I shall be Minister of Defence instead... 'now what does this red button do... whoops sorry!!!'.

  • Yes that would be a very good appointment indeed and JuicyJu could be minister of inspiration, with Miss Wobble as minister of ministers. x

  • Yes and Bazza as Minister of Technology and Ianoadatruth as Minister of Sageness and Useitorloseit as Minister of Supportiveness and Aliboo as Minister of Loadsathings and... and ... and everyone on the forum can be ministers and we'll get the whole Country running (but not around in circles like the current Ministers :) ) Yah & Yay!!!

  • Ok you're treasurer and minister of very shiny things that glitter. ;)

  • Not everybody Running. Someone has to pay da taxes !!

  • brilliant...but can I be the minister of Panthering?

  • Yay - minister of panthering it is and minister of running videos and director of photography and star and probably quite a few other things to boot :)

  • As was once said "They may take our lives but they can't take our freedom !" Tax free and bonuses for all runners 😄

  • Thank you Prime Minister - Runners Rule :)

  • As was once said "They may take our lives but they can't take our freedom!" Tax free and bonuses to all runners :)

  • Thank god it's not just me. When I finished week 5, run 3 it was freezing and raining hard. I ran up my drive will both hands in the air chanting Rocky. Lol.

    Come on Jase44. You will do it. Let us know how you get on.

  • I think you need a drop of Billy Idol's "Rebel Yell" on your music player


    Go get it Jase!!!! More, more, more. Woooooooooooooooooooooo.

  • Thanks everybody I'm all geared up and really to roll. Just hope I don't hit 88 mph or I be back to the future

  • You will be ok...I remember it so well. I had nightmares and the squits ( not jokingly) the week before...but we did it ( me and my boy), it was hard but we felt on top of the world after...good luck, stay strong and ' push that body punish that body'

  • Oh I sure have and loved it

  • Whoop Whoop not far behind you would have been completing mine on Saturday morning but got to rush of to Pembrokeshire so may be Sunday or Monday but soooo excited/ anxious about doing it, can't wait to hear your shout of achievement as I will still be in South Yorkshire then. Good Luck but your not going to need it :-))

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