Couch to 5K


I know a fair few people on here use Runkeeper on their phones. I gave it a go yesterday and loved the fact I could use my own music, program my run, add warm ups and cool downs etc along with regular updates.

BUT, it told me I had run 5.5km which was great however, around 1.2km of that was my warm up & cool down.

Does anyone know a way of limiting runkeeper so it doesn't track the warm ups or cool downs?

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I use Runkeeper as well but I start it after the warm up and turn it off when I've hit the 5k. If you use the delay function to start the timing you can get your phone back in the pouch - I need about 15 seconds to get sorted and walking again. If anyone's got a better way I'd love to know it!!

You can edit your runs when you're back at your computer, eg delete the warm up/down, but it doesn't adjust the timing so there's not much point as far as I can tell.


If you go into coaching from the main start screen, you can set up your own workouts. Part of this is the ability to add 5 mins warm up and cool down which isn't added to your final time iirc. Hope this helps.


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