Couch to 5K

It is a mind thing this running! W5R2

Today's run went well and it was enjoyable. I kept thinking, this is going to be difficult, but as soon as those kinds of ideas came into my head, I let them go just as quickly. And any thought of what time is it now, how much time has passed. And I ran so much better. Just concentrated on the air & my surroundings, my breath, and running in a relaxed way. It really helped, and all those mental barriers I built for myself were kept at bay. I'm going to try to tackle the 20 minute run this way as well, and see how it goes.

Of course, I was tired and going slowly, but the above really made it all so much lighter.

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Well done!

I had a negative attitude last week and couldn't complete run 3 of wk 5.

Funny that eh? I'm feeling loads more positive and am sure I can stay off that couch and run my way to graduation. :)

Good luck


It's funny, it seems out mind and attitude is the main thing to defeat us, if we've put the practice in, of course...I'm a little worried about finishing tomorrow, but just got to keep going. Good luck to you too, you'll finish it soon I'm sure! :-)


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