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Running after graduation

I graduated a fortnight ago and really wasn't sure what I wanted to achieve next so I continued running a couple of 5 k runs that week. Last Saturday I ran my first park run in 29.20 and decided I loved it so rather than running 10 k plans I would increase .5k a week and continue the park runs. So I have run 2 5.5k this week and had a park run today, knocking 38 seconds off last week 28.42. Couldn't believe that, the last k psychologically I knew I had a shorter run than my last 2 so gave it a bit of welly. Felt totally sick when I finished but did what I set out to achieve. Great to read on here about all your successes with park runs, I had never heard about them before this website, very inspirational. Have a great Jubilee weekend, we are off to London for a few days tomorrow so plenty of walking but no running for a few days x

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Another graduate running faster than the speed of a bullet! ;)

How do you do it so fast?

You're doing great! Well done :)


Great time. One I aspire too!

Well done, you are obviously well on track now :)


Well done. Can't say I am at your speed yet but still loving it.


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