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First real injury........Need help ( and sympathy ! )

Following my 9k run yesterday ( thanks to everyone for all the lovely comments....I love this site! )....have woken up with a really tight groin.

Now there's a sentence I never thought I'd write!

Feels like a "dead leg" ...have taken brufen which has helped a little.

Think I did it when stretching after Tuesdays maybe shouldnt have run yesterday?

Hard to do R I C on earth do you elevate your groin??!!!

And I'm sure as hell not putting any ice there, no matter how hot the weather gets!

Any tips, fellow runners?

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I can't really help with the injury but I can offer you my sympathy I hope you find your answers! :)


Thank you. Every little helps! :)


I get achy groin if I do a distance run and the guy at running club said to try holding onto something, like the back of a dining chair or a worktop and stand on one leg, then keep the other leg straight and swing it as far as it will comfortably go, both backwards and forwards. He said do this for as long as you can, on both legs and repeat throughout the day. He was right when he said it becomes addictive, you will find yourself doing it in the supermarket queue! It worked for me after a couple of days and I've not had the pain since. He also advised me to go to the speed session as that forces you to sprint which requires big movements for the leg to swing at the groin. I hope this may help x


Thanks for the tip.

Can barely walk on it at the mo.

Will give the leg swinging a go :)


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