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Knee injury! Help needed

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Hi All,

Around 4 months ago I tore the tendons in my right knee since then I have found it very difficult to start exercising again as I am worried I will do more damage to it. I have noticed that if I am walking my knee seems to be ok but it will start to ache once I have sat down for a little while and then my knee seizes when I go to stand on it again causing be to limp until its stretched out fully. I have been to my GP when I first tore my tendons and she said it takes a long time to heal but weren't really useful on what I should do in regards to exercises.

I have brought a knee support which does not seem to be helping but I am just wondering if anyone knows any exercises I can do to help strengthen my knee or should I just start running on it again ?

I am keen to get back exercising and love running so want to get back to how I was before.

Any advice would be appreciated.


Natalie x

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I would have thought for something like that they would have sent you to physio. Couldn't you ask your GP for a physio referral?

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Please please try get to see a physio. Knees are tricky things and it would be best to get proper professional advice. The exercises my physio gave me for my knee injury might not be suitable for your injury and could indeed be counterproductive. In several areas of the country you can self-refer to physiotherapy services if you don't want to bother your GP, but you have a right to treatment for your knee pain, so don't be afraid to ask. Good luck

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I would definitely try to get a referral to a physio or alternatively see an osteopath. I see an osteo every 6 weeks or so and he checks that my alignment is OK and suggests exercises if I am having trouble (I've had issues with my feet, thighs and knees!). With the right treatment, knees can heal but as the others have said, it needs a proper assessment. I hope it gets better soon.

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Another vote for getting a physio to look at it. And if you can't get a referral, then consider going private (it doesn't need to cost a fortune). While Dr. Google and wellmeaning strangers are great for many things, the healing process of torn tendons is beyond their qualifications.

Thank you. Just checked with my doctors and they do have a self referral for Physio. I will be doing this today so hopefully be seen by them quickly. Fingers crossed I can get back running

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