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W9R2 - Do I count it?

I've had a cold since last weekend which has mutated into blocked sinuses and a cough as the week has progressed. I completed R1 on Wednesday but as I haven't been sleeping because I couldn't breath I postponed R2 from Friday until this morning.

Set out this morning feeling a bit chesty but at least the weather was cooler so I was happy about that. I completed the first 15 minutes much faster than normal (unintentionally) - I was shocked by how much further I'd run along my usual route when Laura said I was half way through. At this point I had a stitch and slowing down and breathing deeply weren't helping so as I turned around I walked for about 2 minutes. Then I ran again but a bit further on I started coughing and had to stop and walk for another minute before running the rest of the way.

Do I count this as a completed run? DH says yes, DD says no. I'm preferring DH's answer as I'd quite like to graduate on the next run (providing there is no stopping) and I know I can do 30 minutes without a cough.

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I'd say yes, move on to r3 and graduation!


Agreed! If you finish R3 you will have completed the programme! Woop woop :D


While the short term goal is to complete the 9 weeks, the longer term goal is to keep running, be healthier, fitter etc. You had a 27 minute run which is brilliant, but I personally would do week 9 twice more just to satisfy myself that I had really graduated. In the bigger picture it doesnt really matter whether you do 1 or 2 more runs to graduate, its not like your going to quit when you complete week 9, is it?


Yes! Do it! Next run is your graduation run! So close :D


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