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Imposed rest day frustration - But on a brighter note

Yesterday i was on my way to an appointment with work the pavements were quite slippery and i managed to turn my ankle not to bad to cause swelling but bad enought to make me thing running this morning was not on. I still got up got ready and took Flo to the park and walked my usual route. Lucky i think i will be able to run on it tomorrow. But the feeling of dissappointment was really bad. The plan is really hitting home with me.

One footnote to this is that a two weeks ago i got measured for a dinner suit, i need for an awards event. Yesterday i went back and I have gone down by 4 inches i cant believe it i had the tailor check and double check his measurement, but he did say he could see the difference in the time since i last had been there but this may have been to just boost his commision. Cant wait to see were this plan takes me.

Roll on running again tomorrow.

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Sorry to hear about your ankle, how frustrating. Haven't had an injury setback but can imagine how that feels. Hope you can run tomorrow.

Fantastic about the inch loss, I haven't lost any weight yet, but the lower belly is smaller and do feel toned up a bit, especially the legs and torso.

On a different note, is Flo a greyhound? I have one, but she doesn't come on the longer runs with me anymore, she doesn't like them, no time for sniffs!!!


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